Carbonless (NCR) Books

We are also highly skilled in stapled & spinetaped books, primarily used for hand completion.
We can print in any number of colours, including full colour and reverse printing, up to 6 part NCR and in any size up to A3.
We can also number, perforate and file hole punch.
A full range of automated finishing options are available: plain and printed covers, writing shields and shrinkwrapping.

  • Similar to pads, books are stitched and taped, either at the head or on the side with a ‘stub’ with some pages perforated for removal of individual sheets from the book, and by keeping the last part of each set un-perforated remaining in the book.
  • Two to six parts finished in A6, A5, and A4.
  • One to full colour (CMYK) print.
  • Paper colours are white, blue, green, pink, and yellow. I They include a wraparound writing shield that is fixed to the back cover, and inserted underneath the current working set.
  • Books can also be drilled with two or four holes down
    the side for ease of filing.
  • Can be sequentially numbered, if required.