Carbonless (NCR) Pads

BFE are the experts in glued pads, primarily used for hand completion.
We can print in any number of colours, including full colour and reverse printing,
up to 6 part NCR (No Carbon Required) and in any size up to A3.
We can also number, perforate, file hole punch and add integrated or applied labels.
A full range of automated finishing options are available: plain and printed covers, writing shields and shrinkwrapping.

  • Two to six parts finished in A6, A5, A4, and A3.
  • One to full colour (CMYK) print.
  • Paper colours are white, blue, green, pink, and yellow. I Sets glued together on any side to make a pad, with
    a board back.
  • They include a wraparound writing shield that is fixed
    to the back, and inserted underneath the current working set. The writing shield can then be reinserted under the next set in the pad.
  • Pads can also be drilled with two or four holes down the side for ease of filing.
  • Can be sequentially numbered, if required.